Re: Brendan Power Query

Hi all,
	I spoke to Dave Mally Mallinson about the Brendan Power CD
*The New Irish Harp* at Whitby festival last week. 

As far as HE is concerned, it is not yet released in the States.
I suppose the ones From Kevin's were imported from Dave himself.

Green Linnet *WILL* be distributing the CD In the USA. T
The hold up now is that Dave has been so busy with all the folk festival
work. He has not yet had time to sort out the artwork and paperwork to send
to them. 
However, Towersy festival has just finished, and he told me he would then 
have time to sort it out.

> To Gordon:  The CD was called New Irish Harmonica.  

	A name change in the title?

>Apparently it is available in the US.  
>I did buy the last copy from Kevin's Harps and he 
> did say he thought he was going to have a hard time getting more any time 
> soon.  

	See the above comment.
	I,m not supprised, as Green Linnet are to handle US distribution.


He asked me to pass his best on to Karl Olson, are you there Karl?

You all may like to know that we played some excellent session music 
together as well, He really is one fine melodion player! 
One of the best in fact. 

And we had a great time at Whitby, what with the beer, and the music, 
and the beer, and the sun, and the beer!

Going to bed at two and three in the morning and getting up for workshops
starting at nine the next morning was bloody hard work for a whole week! 
Fun though :-)

Also of interest is that myself, Carol Turner (Fiddle player) and
Richard Robinson (Clarinet) are trying to get Mally on the NET. He's
very keen on the idea and will run from a MAC. So you will be able to
email him yourself soon(ish). I will post his EMAIL address when it's
all sorted.


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