Re: Chord (another digression)

>48 chords. 96 double holes.  384 reeds.  12 blow and draw chords each in 
>major 7th and augmented/diminished alternatively.  This is from my Hohner 
>propaganda.  I sure would like to find one of these guys used for cheap.  

Good luck (I've got other stringed things to play chords on right now...:)  

It's still just a curiousity, but I don't follow your description
completely.  Is it all linear from end to the other?  Does it start out in
Cmaj7, go to C+ then C dim, then to a set of C# chords (ie chromatically
ascending in sets of chords)?  Why no min7 ?  How do you access a
harmonized scale like Cmaj7, Dmin7, Emin7, Fmaj7, Gmaj7, Amin7, Bmin7b5 ?
Thought somebody on the list would know off the top of their head.  I'll
call Hohner if no one knows.  

>My problem 
>with this conclusion is that Mr. Finney is shown on the liner notes 
>playing a bass.  Does anyone know the answer? 

Not I, but I forgot to ask also, is the bass set up like a keyboard, that
is, the black keys on top, white keys on the bottom.  What's the starting
note, C again? (Enquiring minds want to know....). Is it generally a 3
octave range? Peace.  dB^)

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Harv                      *Opinions my own*

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