Re: Honking patrons

:I've seen harp players(good ones and wannabe's) playing all through songs
:at blues jams. 

I have seen this all too often as well, and the really bummer about it is
that it really enforces those negative stereotypes of the harp. You know the
ones..........a harp isn't really an instrument, harp players aren't
musicians, etc.. . I have been at jams where before I even played one note
or knew a single person, I was told not to "overplay"(due to other having
apperently done this). My response of course was,(politely)"Make sure you
tell everyone else that too." I've even been to a couple of jams where the
guy fronting that particular song(guitarist or vocalist) says something to
the effect of, "Ok let do a shuffle in G. That's a C harp to you." Or ,"Let
do a Boogie in A, you use a D harp." The last time that one happened I
thanked the guy and shook his hand, then told him, "Which one of these mics
should I use?(I held up a Green Bullet and a JT-30). It kinda pissed him off
a little, but he got my point. 

Tim Moody

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