Chromatic News

    New stuff hopefully of interest to chromatic players:
    Farrell told me yesterday he talked Hering into tuning some 12 hole 
    chromatics to Eb. He has had a lot of requests for this key which I guess 
    is not a standard tuning available on either Hohner or Hering chromatics. 
    Cost will be $52.00 same as other Hering 12's.
    New Hering 64 (16 hole chromatic) will have covers and reed plates bolted 
    onto a comb similar to "but not a copy of" Farrell's lifetime comb. He 
    sent them one of his 12 hole combs (he doesn't make a 16 hole) and they 
    evidently liked the idea - He didn't say what the material is but 
    obviously some kind of plastic. $93.00
    	- both of the above available in a couple weeks -
    To FJM,
    Not making any excuses but I'm sorry you had *two* bad experiences with 
    Mr. Farrell. Very much not like him. I guess it can happen to anyone - 
    I've even pi**ed some people off in my lifetime, and I'm the good humor 
    man. ;-) 
    Your post this morning would have scared me silly if I didn't have a high 
    regard for his reputation - Late yesterday I ordered $$$ worth of stuff 
    from him - anyone else might be on the horn today to cancel the order. I 
    can't wait to get home tonight and open my UPS package.
          Jack Ely - Columbus, Ohio              SYS_ELY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    	I almost forgot. Also new from Farrell: A set of 5 books for young 
    people who want to become musicians. (This is NOT a harmonica course). 
    Based on keyboard. Designed for serious music study. Titled "Theory and 
    Musicianship" by Edith MacIntosh (sp?). $29.95 for the set. This is a self 
    study course with tests - You need a keyboard. (He is considering 
    including an optional keyboard). This is not something new to the market - 
    he took this course himself a few years ago before he got into the 
    harmonica business.

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