Re: still struggling

:So, I would encourage anyone who's been a beginner to tell us how they got

I started as a highly advanced player, so I can't help you.    Just kidding.
I haven't met a harp player yet that hasn't started at the bottom, trying to
"bend"  a note. Seriously though, the only way to get started is to do it.
Make the investment. Don't buy one harp, buy twelve, buy more. If you want
to play the instrument, play the instrument but don't fall into that
obnoxious harp player catagory by only having one or two harps and trying to
play "with songs". You have to know what key the song is in FIRST, then you
can choose the correct harp and play or practice with it. Harmonica
etiquette is oh so important. The guy sittin near the band or at the
bar, trying to play "along" is the worst offense of all. Take your time
because if you are serious, you'll get there. But also take heed. The
harmonica is NOT a cheap instrument. I carry over 600.00 dollars worth of
harps in my case, which isn't hard to do. A twenty dollar harmonica does not
make a player alone. Believe it or not, the first time anyone picks up a harp
and blows into it, they sound as lousy as the first time up to a piano. You
can pound on the keys and make notes come out, but try to play a tune. 

My two-cents or more

Tim Moody

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