RE: Murphys

Thank you Jack:  I was aware that the CD is available at Farrel.  I'm 
somewhat reluctant to buy it from them.  While I've bought harmonicas 
from them in the past I've been uncomfortable with my phone conversations 
with Mr. Farrel.  An example of my discomfort follows.  Recently I 
purchased a used CBH2016 from Farrel.  I am very aware that this is a 
lucky find and I should be happy to have gotten it.  The harmonica came 
with a little note saying that it had been completely refurbished.  When 
I received the harmonica it was a completely unplayable piece of junk.  
This is no exaggeration.  Valves were partially pulled off, offsets were 
inconsistent and too wide.  The tuning was terrible.  When I called Mr. 
Farrel to ask about what the problem might have been he flipped out.  
" Send it back if you don't like it", "Ihave people lining up to buy 
those things".  Really all I wanted was some help figuring out what to do 
about my problems.  In a lengthy and expensive long distance conversation 
(you try having a short conversation with Mr. Farrel) I finally managed 
to calm him down enough to get him tell me that it was all Hohners fault 
and I needed to send the harmonica to them so that they could repair the 
reed plates which were brand new from them.  He was right.  I sent the 
2016 to Hohner.  It came back less than 10 days later playing 
wonderfully.  The other incident I've had with Farrel involves a 
harmonica that I bought from them that came with totally bent cover 
plates.  The original Hohner box was also squashed also.  The shipping 
carton was untouched.  This harmonica never should have left Farrel's.  
When I called I got a hard time.  It turned out to be easier to bent the 
covers back than it was too deal with Mr. Farrel. I realize that I'm 
treading on dangerous ground here.  Farrel's is somewhat of an icon here 
on the net.  They offer good prices and an awsome inventory of 
harmonicas. Now any time I want to buy something from Farrel I have to 
consider two things. If there's a problem is it worth getting yelled at 
to try to solve it? and when is a bargain really not a good deal? FJM  

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