still struggling

	Well, while everybody is confessing to being new subscribers/players,
I may as well introduce myself too.  I already sent one question about the
tonal qualities of a Blues Harp vs. a Marine Band (Thanks Gordon for the
comment about the mic (Sears $5, GE stereo--probably not the best)).  I got
my first harmonica (Blues Harp-C) as a present (requested) about two years
ago.  Ever since, I have really loved listening to harmonica recordings and
trying to play on my own.  I ended up buying another Blues Harp (D) since
that seemed to match more blues songs.  My problem is as follows:  I think I
am somewhat tonedeaf (can't tell if I'm harmonizing or not very well).  I
think what I do sounds okay, but people tell me I'm off.  Any suggestions? 
Also, is there any music for harmonicas out there (like sheet music for a
Charlie Musselwhite album)?  I only feel that by using music I'd be losing
the true feel gotten from improvisation.  If there is music, do the people on
this list read it in the key of C and let the diatonic do the transposing?
	Well, you're probably all sick of stupid questions by now, so I'll
just close by apologizing for my ignorance both of the harmonica and of who
the Greats who contribute to the list.  What can I say?  I'm just a

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