Brendan Power, Jack Ely, harp font

TO: internet:harp-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sorry about the Green Linnet suggestion.

If Brendan's tunings are of burning interest and you're not
inclined to figure them out, why not ask him? He doesn't have
email, but you could write to him at

108 Muswell Hill Road
London N10 3JD

======Once again, I'd like to thank Jack Ely for being Jack. Much
to my surprise, he downloaded my announcement about the harp
font, and got it published in AHN. People were contacting me from
this before I even knew it had happened.

======I'm busy finetuning the appearance of the font. Key
placement is pretty much decided, although I find that some
software arbitrarily eliminates certain keys - for instance,
Finale (a music processor) refuses to recognize the dash key or
SHIFT 6. So I'm working out alt-numpad alternates. I'm also
deciding on an extended character set for ornaments (which have
to work with the tablature symbols, not with regular notation).

And yes, I'm leaning toward a pared-down trial version, probably
Holes 1 through 6, blow and draw only (i.e no bends, overblows or

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