Re: Please post your Memhis reviw again of you have it.

>Thanks,  Jim Dinkey

Hey all -- I sent Jim a digest of all the posts on this (I think?) except
the questions.  It took me 5 minutes to thumb through my own archive.  It
ended up being 29 K.  If you want it also (it should be on the
Harmonigopher too!), it's now all in one file, so if you want it, email me
direct.  If I get flooded, I'll probably post to the list with a warning in
the title (like 29K or whatever), so you'll know what to keep or nuke.  

Enjoyed B*'s article and the 'tone's in your throat' story from Joe
(guitarist's  also 'worry' that the 'tone is in their hands').  Equipment
just makes it easier (if I play a new Paul Reed Smith every day for 3 hours
a day, I guess I'll have spent my entertainment dollars reasonably well
after about a year, but a Filiso harp or CX12 after a couple of
months......hmmm... :)  

Glad Winslow's still 'hangin' back in the weeds' (and I thought that was a
Minnesota saying! :) And what is the deal on that new Clapton album --
supposed to all blues, and with Portnoy now?  When's it available? 

Regards,                  haandruss@xxxxxxx                  
Harv                      *Opinions my own*

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