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FJM wonders where I am. Am I absent from the subscriber list? I
haven't checked, but I get the daily digest (the whole day's
traffic wrapped into one package).

I'm just laying out in the weeds, listening to the cars going by.
Too busy to contribute much, and the talk lately has been largely
about equipment, about which I have far more to learn than I do
to offer.

Working on HIP No. 5 and on the Harp Font.

====Brendan Power's new CD (PMCD002, Punch Music, 3 East View,
Moorside, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, England BD19 6LD) is
indeed called "The New Irish Harmonica." Green Linnet in the U.S.
is supposed to be picking it up, but hasn't taken action yet.
He played me a little bit of it when I visited him, and it
sounded very good. I have a copy and will review it in No. 5.

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