Date: Wed, 17 Aug 1994 18:08:51 -0700 (MST)
        From: Barry Schaede <barrys@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
        He plays through more than one amp[?]  Kevin at Kevin's Harps is the
        person that told me Mr. Harman played a Pro the last time he saw him.
        He talked to James after the show and actually got to look at the back
        of the amplifier verifying the presence of the single 15" speaker.
        Now don't get me wrong Kevin could be wrong.  He's pretty saavy when
        it comes to amps but we all make mistakes.  A harmonica player out of
        Phoenix, Bill Tarsha of the Rocket 88's plays through at least 4
        different amps on a regular basis.  Bassman reissue, 4-10 Concert,
        Super Reverb, and a black face Twin Reverb.  I in no way meant to
        imply that the Vibroverb sighting was incorrect.  Fender did make a
        single 15" brown Vibroverb of almost the same vintage.  The mystery
        deepens.  2 amps or 1.  FJM

Yo FJM not Barry --

Let's wrap this on a positive note and say everyone's right --
you, me, Kevin, and James.  Not a bad deal these days. :)

I defer to your knowledge of historical Fenders (as well as
Kevin's), and can only suggest if Kevin was primarily looking at
James's amp from "under the hood," so to speak (and I suspect we
really are only talking about one amp here), his recollection of
a Vibroverb being a Pro would be as reasonable as, say, that of
an garage mechanic having checked out the engine in a Karmann
Ghia and later somehow remembering it under questioning as having
been in a VW.

(Perhaps the next person on this list to actually see James
playing live and in living color can file a current first-person
report on the definitive amp sighting once and for all.  At any
rate, no big deal -- next case...  :)

And just to meld this with your other thread, I'd like to concur
with the view that great chops will get you through times of
poor equipment far better than great equipment will get you
through times of poor chops.  Like the bumper sticker says, I may
be fat, but you're ugly... and I can always lose weight. ;)

James Harmon blows his ass off, and would still be exciting to
listen to if he traded in his Vibroverb/Pro/whatever for a Radio
Shack bullhorn.  In fact, that would probably make it even more
exciting, since in order to do such a swap he would have to be
seriously nuts, a state of mind often responsible for some of the
most exciting and innovative performances you'll ever hear.

Later, B*

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