Re: Little Walter/mic

 The comments about Little Walter's equipment are true. He used all sorts of
mic/amp combinations. The best thing is to try everything, if possible, and
decide on what you like. Me, I prefer the Astatic crystal mics over the Shure
Green Bullets because the Shures really roll off the high ends. I like the
distorting abilities of the Astatics over the vocal mics such as the SM-58s.
 Amps are also a subject of endless debates. My main stage amp is the 59
Bassman reissue, but I recently bought a homemade amp with two 10" Jensens
and a tube amp modeled after an old Fender Super Amp. It sounds great! I use
it all the time now. If it wasn't for a slight amp hum, I'd use it even more.

  The moral: Use what works for you, and DON'T think that your equipment will
make you a Harp Stud if you haven't been practicing.

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