Re: Joe Filisko

I'm proud to say that I own about 15 or 20 Joe Filisko harps.  I have two of
the rebuilt Marine Bands, one in the key of A and one in D.  These are my two
favorite harmonicas of all time.  I have five brass harmonicas with the round
holes, six or seven with the square holes, two aluminum-comb ones with square
holes.  Those were two of his earliest harmonicas.  Each and every harmonica
Joe Filisko makes is put together with loving care, by the hand of probably
the most expert harmonica super-upper the world has ever known.  He makes
them one at at time and cares about each one as if he was making it for
himself. They look great and they play better!  Joe is also one of the finest
harmonica teachers in the universe and teaches many professionals.  Joe is
also an incredible player himself and gets better every time I hear him
because he studies and practices all the time.  He is a true harmonipath.  By
the way, he is also a really cool guy and easy to talk to.  Especially, if
you are into the harmonica.   Check out the new Harmonica Happenings
magazine, the newsletter of the Society for the Preservation and Advancement
of the Harmonica (SPAH) coming out shortly.  It will have Joe's new article
in it of which I have read the draft.  It's great! Each article he writes
teaches you something new and something you need to learn.  I'm sorry I'm
gushing but I consider it a real privilege to know someone as talanted as
          buzz krantz...

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