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On Thu, 11 Aug 1994, Barry Schaede wrote:

> Has anyone out there ever used the total custom Joe Filisko harps?  I'm 
> curious.  If you have used them have you also used his custom Marine 
> Bands?  How do they compare?  Does anyone one have more information about 
> this leptonic method of harmonica playing? :) 9 messages not a one about 
> harmonicas. FJM

Yeah I have played on both harps.  One of the best harps I have ever
played.  Just like a hot knife through butter.  Madcat Ruth plays alot of
Joe's harps.  They have a real edgy/mean sound to them great for playing
blues and every thing else.  His Souped up marine bands are cool too.  He
treats the comb to resist moisture.  Puts down a bead of silicone rubber
between the comb and the reed plate.  He takes out all the nails and
replaces them with screws. All of his harps come fined tuned for
overblows and overdraws.  Howard Levy has said that he can do things
on Joe's harps that he has never been able to do on a harp. Simply put Joe's
harps are the BEST harps you will ever play.  What ever he is charging now
for them is well worth the price.  He also makes marine bands with double
thick reed plates.  I played one of his double thick Low D harps awhile
ago... on any other harp the low D would be really mushy and relativly hard
to play,  but his had power like you wouldn't believe.  However he doesn't
sell the double thick plated harps because the reeds break easier and he
doesn't want anymore complaints about it.
You can't go wrong with one of his harps.  For those of you who do not
have one,  do yourself a favor and buy a Filsko harp.  It will enhance
your playing.

anyone wanting to do business with him e-mail me for his telephone number. 

-Chris Michalek(micha018@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

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