Re: Brendan Power Gig Update.

>Please, by trading do you mean "I swap x recording of mine for y recording
>of yours"?


>If so I can not see how "the not for cash" rule can be enforced at all.

Yes -- that's how I understand it.  Kind of a free advertising to the loyal
cult following, who usually adhere to the honor code of 'buy everything
officially available legitimately', and trade boots amoung one another, but
don't sell them. 

>Really I'm afraid I have not been of any help, sorry.
No problem.  If you think of it and it's not inconvenient, bring it up with
the sound man or Mr. Powers if he's approachable.  Thanks. Enjoy.

Regards,                  haandruss@xxxxxxx                  
Harv                      *Opinions my own*

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