Re: Bandmaster harmonicas

> I archive these articles and catch up reading on them every couple of weeks.
> Thanks for your reply.  Do you purchase them at a local music store?  If so,
> would it be possible to find out where they get them from?  If possible I am
> trying to find an American distributor. (I wonder how much it would cost to
> ship items across the Atlantic).

I have (just) 'phoned Dave Mallinson music.
They are not aware of any USA distribution (there could be, ring your
local store).

They said it would only cost a few U.K.pounds (or dollars) for post and
packing and they will send one to you.

They have six double reed Bandmaster trem's in the catalog and one chromatic.

        Twin sided C/G 64 hole is 10.95 UK pounds. (you have to find out the
        dollar conversion, I don't know it) 
	Same but 80 hole is 12.95 pounds.
	Same but 96 hole is 14.95 pounds. (This is the one to get for Irish)

	The rest are smaller, and if you want to play a good range of stuff,
	personally I would not bother about them.

They will send you a catalog on request (no charge) with all the info on
overseas ordering.

	Address is 	Dave Mallinson Music.
		    	35 Bradford Road.
			West Yorkshire.
			BD19 3JN.

			Tel. (U.K.) 0274-879768.
			Fax. (U.K.) 0274-852020.

Good luck,
Get back to me if you wish.


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