Re: Silver Bassman 4-10 Combos

>Last Friday  an inquiry came through about silver face bassmans are they 
>any good?  It turns out that in the mid 70's Fender did make a combo type 
>4-10 bassman.  I don't know anyone that plays one but they are considered 
>a good tone bargain for guitar. 
	I have used one of these 4-10 bassmans.  They offer 70 watts
	but offer only a light sound for bass.  For diatonic and 
	chromatic playing, they sound great!
>Private party I wouldn't want to go much 
>moret than $300 for one.  
	For $300, it should be in mint condition.  These amps sold new
	for around $400 - $475

George Miklas

"Tap.....Tap.....Tap.....Is this thing on?"

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