Brendan Power Gig In Yorkshire.(U.K.)

Hi all,
	Sorry about the rest of the harper here but......

Brendan Power is playing in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, here in
England on the 14th. Aug.

The gig is in a park which is (most likely) Greenhead park, but I
am not sure about that.

The folk music radio program that mentioned it this week was a little
short on detail. They did not know if it would be an afternoon or an
evening gig.

The best I can offer is to suggest that you ring Kirklees information
office in Huddersfield.

If I get time to find out I will post the info.

The same radio show played some of Brendans set at Beverly (Hull) folk
festival. He had Frank Kilkelly (Sp?) playing accoustic guitar.

Frank is one of our up and coming young folk performers (early 20's).
He plays a mixture of folk and jazz style (at the same time) and a lot
of trad. and Irish stuff.

I can only assume that the stuff they played were some sort of versions
of the new CD of Brendan's i.e. The New Irish Harp.

The harp playing and style is out-of-this-world different!

I shall be seeing Dave Mallinson in a couple of weeks at Whitby folk
festival (hurray!!!!!) and will find out If Brendan's CD is available
in the States yet. (He was supposed to write and let me know!).

Last I heard Green Linnet records were taking it onboard for U.S.A.


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