James Harman/Mark Hummel

With all this talk about James Harman I now have the chance to see it all
for myself.  James Harman is coming to Minneapolis Aug 10 1994.

Now for my problem.  Mark Hummel will also be in town at the same time.
The club where Mark is playing has no cover.  James will have a ten dollar

I am not much of a traditional harp player for I get easily bored with
that old style stuff.  However I can tolerate it for awhile, have a
deep appreciation for it,  and I love the sound of the harmonica is played
right.  I have to ask..

Is James Harman worth ten bucks to see for a set? Who is the better harp
player James Harman or Mark Hummel?  What can I expect from from each band?
Are they both traditionalists?  Who has the better chops? Who has more
control/command of their instrument?  Who is easier to appoach if I choose
to do so?

Thanks for any info... 

-Chris Michalek

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