Re: J. Harman

It could have been a tan Vibroverb. They exist.  FJM

On Wed, 3 Aug 1994, Bruce Steinberg wrote:

> As I recall, it was tan or tweed, it was a big single-15"-looking
> dude, and it might have had a brown faceplate, but ~definitely~
> said "Vibroverb" in classic Fender-style script.
> For some reason I can't exactly recall, it was especially hard to
> read -- and I was looking for the name -- although I kind of
> suspect it might have been that the script logo was itself in
> some brown or tan tone.
> In any case, if it wasn't a Vibroverb, Harman must've switched
> faceplates! :)  FYI, B*
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> re:
> From: Barry Schaede <barrys@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: J. Harman
> To: "Steven D. Levine" <drsoul@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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> Tweed clinches it.  It's a mid 50's Vibrolux.  not verb.  The way I know 
> it's not late 50's is that Fender went to 10's in the Vibroluxes at the 
> end of the decade. By the way it is almost identical to a narrow panel 
> front tweed pro except for thr vibrato.  The pro didn't get vibrato until 
> later.  FJM

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