Re: J. Harman

I erred in a previous post concerning the lack of vibrato on a Fender 
Pro.  The Brown Pro's do in fact have vibrato.  I don't know what I was 
thinking when I sent that out.  Sorry.  Now back to Mr. Harmans 
equipment. Is this a blackface single 15 Vibroverb?  It almost has to be.  
The only other choice would be the single 15 Tweed vibrolux which is not 
what you said 1st time around so I assume that's what you meant.  So what 
I said about the Pro and Vibrolux being identical needs to be qualified.  
They are except for the speakers.  The pro by this time was called the 
Pro Reverb and had 2 12's.  It's all so confusing..... ..FJM  

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