J. Harman

To whomever it was that talked to Mr. Harman after a show:  So what kind 
of amp does he play through?  Tweed Deluxe?  I know he's a tube fiend.  
He's the Gary Primich's sound guru on the 1st solo album.  Lots of tone 
no substance.  For people out there looking for amps ypoou might take a 
look at Gibsons.  I hear Tiger Man was recorded using a GA-90.  Kevin 
from Kevin's Harp's just sold his Tweed Deluxe and bought a Gibson 
Invader GA-30.  This is a 16 watt amp with an 8" speaker and a 12" 
speaker in the sanme enclosure.  Kevin loves his.  Why Gibson?  They're 
cheap good overlooked amps.  FJM

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