Re: Harp Performers on Video?

> From:          Norbert Brunhuber <brun@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>   Does anyone know of any videos of some of the '50s harp players on 
> video.  Perhaps some of Little Walter (with or without Muddy Waters), or 
> even Sonny Terry?  I'd like to see anyone though.

There is a video that is not too hard to find called "Sweet Home
Chicago", which is basically a history of Chess records.  There is a
wonderful clip of Sonny Boy II playing (unfortunately, they don't
show the whole song), one of Howlin' Wolf (his performance on
"Shindig" that was part of the Rolling Stones' price for appearing
on the same show),  and several clips of Muddy (though I don't
remember harp being prominent in those).  The video mentions Little
Walter, but they didn't have a clip of him playing.  Made me wonder
if any exist...  EW 

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