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Spence Pearson asks about Stevie Wonder playing harp on other
people's records. He's done quite a bit of it, without much
fanfare, sometimes under his pseudonym of El Toro Negro.

By the way, there's a *lot* of Stevie sprinkled through his own
output, and not all of it of the Fingertips variety.

The Eurhythmics,   "There Must Be An Angel" on Be Yourself Tonight album

Elton John	   "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues" on 2 low 4 0

Chaka Khan	   "I Feel For You"
		    *(check out the extended solo on the 12" single

Minnie Riperton    "Our Lives" on Perfect Angel album

Debarge		   "Love Me in a Special Way"

Manhattan Transfer "Spice of Life"

Ashford & Simpson  "Nobody Walks in L.A."

The Temptations    "I Wonder Who She's Seeing Now"

Dionne Warwick	   "That's What Friends Are For"
+ Elton John
  Gladys Knight

Johnny Mathis	   "Just the Way You Are" on That's What Friends
 + Deneice Williams			     Are For album

Barbra Streisand   "Can't Help Lovin' That Man" on The Broadway Album

Michael Sembello    various cuts on Without Walls album
		     (he used to be Stevie's lead guitarist, later had
		     a big hit with "Maniac" in the movie Flashdance

Dave Mason	   "The Lonely One" on It's Like You Never Left album
				     (used to be in Trafic with Stevie Winwood)

John Denver	   "If Ever" on Dreamland Express album

Djavan		   "Samurai" on Self-titled album (US release only)
				(*nice* Brazilian stuff - Djavan is also on Toots' 
				recent Brazilian albums)
Dizzy Gillespie    various cuts on Closer to the Source album
				Diz returns the favor on Stevie's "Do I Do"
				which also has a nice chromatic solo.

Herbie Hancock	   "Steppin In It" on Man-child album
				(solos on both chromatic and diatonic)

Stanley Turrentine "Boogie On Reggae Woman" on Stanley Turrentine plays
					       Stevie Wonder album

King Sunny Ade	   "Ase" on Aura album - interesting African stuff

Quincy Jones	   "Superstition" on albums I Heard That and You've Got It Bad,
				  Girl (both albums also feature Toots (on
				  different cuts) and the latter also has Tommy

This is what I happen to have lying around. He's probably done tons more stuff.
Anybody else out there know about more things (*other people's*) he's played on?
I've been meaning to write to his management and see if they have any kind of
record of what he's played on.

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