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George Miklas wonders if Farrell's plastic combs for 12-hole
chromatics fit Hohner, Suzuki or both, and the cost.

Farrell's current catalog offers the Lifetime Comb, which is specifically
made for the Hohner 270, at $119.97 plus $2.00 UPS. The comb is
fitted with embedded steel threadings for the screws that hold
the reedplates, slide and covers - no more stripped mouthpiece
screw holes. The top or bottom coverplate can be removed
individually, so one can be left on while the other is removed.

He offers a complete Lifetime Harmonica, which is a 270 fitted
with the comb, held on with screws, and with screw-held
individual reeds, so that reeds can be replaced without using a
rivet punch to remove them. The Lifetime Harmonica is priced at

I have no idea if it would fit a Leghorn. If the reedpates are
same size and thickness, the reeds in the same positions, and the
holes tapped in the same places, I suppose it would. You'd have
to take the plates form a Leghorn and a 270 and compare them.

By the way, someone asserted that Kevin has the best prices. Not
necessarily. Farrell is lower on several items, and you have to
look at your shipping costs to get a true total picture. Never
assume anything if you're price shopping.

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