Leghorn Chromatic (Spence P.)

>	Thanks much to you who sent info on the chromatics I asked about.

With regard to the chromatic questions, I have new info.  I played and 
inspected a Suzuki Leghorn tonight and found favorable aspects of it.

First, a player can produce a very warm and sweet sound from it.  It is
a good lilting harmonica.  Second, it has a three piece slide assembly.
Third, it has a plastic comb.

While the mouthpiece does have round holes, it is a high mouthpiece
which appears to be approx 3/8" high.  I believe your question was
whether the mouthpiece would fit a 270 and I believe that it will,
remember to use longer screws when doing the swap.  That will be
a trick because the Suzuki has machine screws and the Hohner has
wood screws.  

Two drawbacks of the Leghorn.....first, it is only manufactured in
the key of C (I was told) and second, stock replacement reeds will be
hard to come by.  While the key is not a problem for me, it may be 
a concern of others.  Some people don't care about serviceability, but
I don't buy anything (including autos) that I can't service.  And if 
getting parts is going to be a problem, I find another brand.

I was told that Farrell sells the plastic combs.  Does anyone know whether
these plastic combs are universal, only for Hohner, or only for Suzuki?
Does anyone know Farrell's asking price for them?

Hope this info helps.


      George Miklas, Bass Harmonicist, Jerry Murad's Harmonicats 
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"Three Gs and an E flat....who would think that these four notes would 
be the main theme of a major symphonic work?"  Arthur G. Spiro, Ph.D.

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