Carlos del Junco


My name is Will Maitland, Willie "Little Boy Blue" Wilson in a past life
and this is my first posting to the list.

As I sit here I am listening to "Bill Kinnear & Carlos del Junco - Blues"
for the third time in two days.  What an amazing CD.

I first saw Carlos, who was desciribed to me as THE TECHNICALLY BEST BLUES
HARMONICA player in Canada last May (1993) at Chicagoes on Queen St. in
Toronto.  As far as I know this is his first CD.  On the front jacket
there is a gold sticker discribing him as the WINNER OF 2 GOLD MEDALS

If you don't already have this CD I suggest you check it out.  I would
like to hear about other favorites people might have.

Bill Kinnear & Carlos del Junco - Blues: Big Reed Records (BRRCDJ-01)

Will Maitland

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