Re: Easy

I believe this tremelo was a standard part of Big Walter's technique.
I have compared the Sun version of "Easy" with the version on "Walter
Horton -- Little Boy Blue" (JSP Records, CD 208, backed by Sugar Ray &
The Bluetones, Ronnie Earl/guitar), titled "It's Not Easy". You will
here the same tremelo and distinctive tone on this live recording. (JSP
Records, P.O. Box 1584, London N3 3NW, Sugar Ray)

I wasn't lucky enough ever to him play live but the description of him
offered by Mike Turk, gives an indication that his uncanny tone
derived partly from his physique.  Turk commented on Walter's enormous
hands, and very large head, especially his jaw and nose, in comparison
to the scale of his body.

Incidently, when I heard Kim Wilson recently I had a sudden gestalt:
Kim's tone is, at times, very close to Walter's, very thick and glazed
with shimmering high frequencies.


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