Re: New catalog

:catalog. New format I thought when I saw the outside. No such luck. Still
:approximately the same jumble of photocopied scraps of paper, barely
:legible, in randomish order. Honestly, keeping costs down is no excuse. 

I know we didn't intend to flame one of the few people to give us a
reasonable price on a harp, so I won't even touch on that. What I was
wondering is, is there another Harp wholesalers catalog to compare against?
What I got from Farrell was a couple of photocopy pages, The Harmonica Store
in Hollywood CA never even sent one after two seperate requests, and good
luck finding harmonica resources in a music store. I have never seen the new
one so I cannot comment on it specifically, but I feel Kevin's catalog not
only gives you a good selection of harmonica and equipment, it also is
packed with information that is difficult to obtain. For instance, the
Xmas catalog on pg. 2. If you have never seen a LO before you could still
tune or fix your harp with the info provided. Or how about six+ pages of amp
info on most of the popular harp amps. Or spec sheets for a Astatic JT-30,
or the harp notation charts, or the great ad for MississippiSaxophone(just
kidding). But in all seriousness, I feel Kevin does the harmonica community
a valuable service for free. If the layout is a little offensive, you should
try to publish a 75+ page magazine some time. It ain't Kansas anymore

IMHO, of coures, but feedme back.

Tim Moody
biased by, MississippiSaxophone

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