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On Mon, 25 Apr 1994 koryta@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Does anyone use the Suzuki Promaster harp? How do you like them? Any major
> pluses or minuses?
> Thanks
> Jim K
		My anecdote is: I got a Promaster out of curiosity, and 
was pretty dissatisfied. I found the sound thin, the holes a bit small, 
and it was heavy. It soon went out of tune. It is very attractive though. I 
favor Lee Oskars myself, especially for the price. But I'm mostly into 
chromatic, so perhaps the Promaster has some features a real blues wailer 
could appreciate that I can't fathom.

		And speaking of product reviews, I just got my new Kevin's Harps
catalog. New format I thought when I saw the outside. No such luck. Still
approximately the same jumble of photocopied scraps of paper, barely
legible, in randomish order. Honestly, keeping costs down is no excuse. 
Not to flame Kevin, who seems to be a very nice guy. Anyway, it got me
wondering about some chromatic harps I've never tried.  Specifically, has
anyone tried the Suzuki Leghorn? Does its hole cover fit on the Chromonica
270 ? 'Cause I might get it just to try the 270 with round holes. And the
Hohner 16 hole chromatics--how does the Chromonica 280 with plastic comb
compare to the super 64 at the same price, or the Larry Adler? And what
does the Amadeus do for you at around 600 bucks? 

		-Spence Pearson

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