Re: Suzuki Harps

>Does anyone use the Suzuki Promaster harp? How do you like them? Any major
>pluses or minuses?
>Jim K


The Suzuki is a good harp and very cheap.  While I admit not playing
diatonics everyday, I don't have any minuses to report after 15 minutes
of playing this harp.

If you would like any more information, contact Mr. Daniel Dennis.  Dan
is selling them through the Heritage Baptist University bookstore.  His
phone number is 317-882-2345.

Good Luck

      George Miklas, Bass Harmonicist, Jerry Murad's Harmonicats 
                     E-Mail:  ah567@xxxxxxxxxxx
"Three Gs and an E flat....who would think that these four notes would 
be the main theme of a major symphonic work?"  Arthur G. Spiro, Ph.D.

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