The Blues Fest Jam

Hi all - some kinda bad news.

Based on the responses I got, it doesn't seem that there is really enough
interest in a Blues-L/Harp-L combined jam on Blues Fest weekend.  Thanks to
all of the folks who responded.  Unfortunately, too few of the people
interested in attending were musicians, so it would have been a pretty lean
jam session.

HOWEVER - the meeting of Blues-L/Harp-L folks at the Crossroads stage at
noon on June 4 is definitely STILL gonna happen.  Be there and meet all the
cool people from both lists.  The only rule is that you have to wait aroung
for a few minutes after our set so that I get to meet you all too!  Maybe a
bunch of listers could go out and catch the best acts playing that evening.
(Unfortunately, I think I already have a gig...).

So come out to the Crossroads (bring yer friend boy Willie Brown if you
like) and hollar at me.  (I'm kinda easy to spot in this band - if ya get
my meaning!)  See you there!

    /-/              * HOHNER *               / =-/
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   =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=/ /  Joe Terrasi
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