Cotton seen 4/20

I saw James Cotton performing a couple of days ago.  It's his first tour 
since throat surgery.  He sat through the performance, which lasted two
hours.  He played great harp, although he got lost in a couple of songs.
He sang four or five songs in a sandpaper over gravel voice.

Dave Maxwell was on keyboard, Steve Freund on guitar.  No drums or bass.
Robert Jr. Lockwood sat in on a couple of tunes.  Peter "Madcat" Ruth and
Sherry Kane opened with a very energetic set.  All in all, a very enjoyable

Cotton said he had been in the hospital two months.  There was a woman with 
him.  I believe she is his traveling nurse.  My fiancee (also a nurse) thinks
so too, based on the way  the woman was watching Cotton, and the nurse-type
wristwatch she was wearing.  I hope James is taking care of himself.  At 
least he didn't seem to be hitting the alcohol too hard.

He mentioned he has a new album coming out in June.  I didn't catch the title
or label.

George Mayhew


P.S.  Tomorrow, at 2:00pm EDT, my fiancee and I will be getting married. 
If you get a chance, please give us a thought or a prayer.

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