Hello all on the harp list,

I'm back from the dead with a new job, new office and incredibly, exactly
the same hardware as before.

What I was wondering was whether it was possible to get transcriptions of
some melodies or nice chord progressions over the net. I know that copyright
problems exist when transcribing, but there must be some public domain
tunes, or even personal riffs which folk have and are willing to share.

Am I asking the right people, or should I try to find the news group.

Unfortunately I haven't yet managed to hack into the internet from my
new site, so the latter would be impossible at the moment.

Maybe copyright restrictions do not apply to personal email shots..??

Anyone got any music to share???


    Grant, dr. D.M.                  
    Philips CE
    Building SFJ5 063, Strijp Complex, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    Phone: +31-40-735885	 E-mail: grantd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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