harp-l received in Mpls.

>   Is there anyone on the list rfom Minneapolis.  Would like to know about
> blues clubs, harmonica stores, and places to buy amplifiers and equipment.
> Thanks
> Jim Wagoner
> swagone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mpls has their share of blues.  The Blues Saloon is probably
the closest thing to a blues club, but on any given night
you'd be able to find something blues.  Whiskey Junction is
almost always blues (it's a biker bar).  The Times in downtown
has Tony Glover and Dave Ray on Thursdays.  Let me know what you're
looking for and I'll try to be more specific (i.e., if you're
going to be here a particular time I can see who'll be around).
I've bought Harps at the Guitar Center, I don't know if
they neccessarily have harp mics/amps but obviously they have
guitar stuff, also keyboards, midi, and percussion.  It's on
Snelling Ave. N. in Roseville across from Har Mar Mall.

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