The Blues-L/Harp-L combined blues jam

Please allow me to make one further appeal to all the members of Blues-L
and Harp-L to tell me if they are going to the Chicago Blues Fest and if
they would be interested in attending a Blues Jam get-together.

I don't know if it was clear from my previous posts, but this should not be
viewed as a musicians-only event but as a general event where we can all
meet each other.  I know that you are anxious to explore as many of the
other blues goings-ons as possible, so I sure don't expect everyone to stay
at the jam all night either.

I would love to make the jam happen, but I have to see if there are going
to be enough people interested to make it worth my while (not to mention
the "while" of some clubowner.)  If a lot of folks express interest, it
should be easy enough to find a place willing to do it.  I've also been
realizing that there are some excellent possible publicity angles.  I would
like to approach my internet access provider to see if they would be
interested in co-sponsoring the event.  I've also been working on a press
release.  It's easy enough to get someone to run blues oriented features as
the Fest draws near.  (How's this for the headline of the release:
"Standing At the Crossroads on the Information Superhighway"?)  I imagine I
could swindle a magazine like Wired into running a blurb - they're great
about sneaking in little informative tidbits.  This would amount to a bit
of national exposure for the lists. Last, there's a radio announcer here in
Chicago who may be interested in running a short feature.

All of these plans are contingent upon a favorable response from the list
members.  I would hate to generate a lot of press (and do a lot of work)
for a poorly-attended event.

See you at blues fest!

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