Blues Fest Jam

I thought it would make sense to post a slightly more thorough version of 
my previous suggestion, so here it is:

I am wondering if there would be any interest in a blues jam which would 
coincide with this year's Chicago Blues Fest.  A number of people have 
mentioned in their posts that they intend to attend the fest, and I know 
that a number of us are musicians.  

Of course, you need not be a musician to attend the jam.  I would love 
for this to be a general gathering for people on Blues-L and Harp-L to 
meet.  Anyone attending blues fest would be invited to join us.  It would 
be great to have a chance to meet some of the people whose posts we've 
been reading.

At this point, this jam is still in the conceptualization stage.  If 
there is a LOT of interest, I may be able to convince a clubowner to book 
the jam with only a nominal cover charge at the door.  In the least 
attractive scenario, people would have to register and pay in advance (I 
would very much like to avoid this)  Keep in mind that every club in the 
city that normally books blues acts will be hoping to benefit from blues 
fest traffic, so they will be booking their entertainers as early as they 
can.  This means that we would have to approach club owners as soon as 
possible.  It would be very helpful if you could respond to this post 
quickly if you are indeed interested.

Please respond directly to my address - jterrasi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Kindly 
include the words "blues fest jam" in the subject line of your response.  
Please indicate the following:  

        Do you definitely plan to be at the fest        
        Would you be interested in this event
        Do you play an instrument (and if so which)
        Would you be willing/able to pay in advance if necessary

I would also be interested in any suggestions you may have.

Since I travel on business, I've been to blues jams in a lot of different 
areas.  Everybody seems to have their own way of running a jam.  The way 
most Chicago jams work is everybody who would like to play puts their 
name (and instrument) on a list when they enter the club.  After a short 
set from the house band, the people from the list are called up to the 
stage in the order they appear on the list.  For the most part, you play 
with whatever group of people are called up when you are.  If there are 
groups of people who request to play together, that's fine, but it may 
take them a bit longer to get to the stage.  This way everyone gets a 
chance to play a few tunes.

This is most likely to actually happen if there are a lot of people who 
express interest.  If you know of other online blues interest groups or 
areas (on the Net or on other networks), please feel free to copy this 
post to them.  I have posted it to Blues-L and Harp-L.

If you missed it before, I've included a Blues Fest schedule that was 
posted earlier.

Begin Included Message - Info courtesy of Jeff Seale
The 1994 Chicago Blues Festival Program

Friday, June 3, 1994

Front Porch Stage

Noon     Othar Turner's Mississippi Fife & Drum Band
12:15    Blues in the Schools Band, featuring Billy Branch, Carl
         Weathersby, The Sons of Blues, and the students of Grant School
         with Sterling Plumpp
2:15     Remembering the Masters: An Understanding of Classic,
         Katherine Davis, Sid Wingfield, Floyd McDaniels, Erwin Helfer,
         Jimmy Walker
4:20     Jimmy Rogers with Jimmy Lane (a family tradition)
5:00     Program Ends

Crossroads Stage

1:00     Mississippi Heat featuring Dietra Farr
2:30     Bob Margolin with special guests Snooky Pryor and John Brim
4:30     Maurice John Vaughn
5:30     Program Ends

Petrillo Music Shell

6:00 pm  Chick Rodgers and the Masheen Company
6:50     Eddie "House Rockin" Shaw and his Wolg Gang
7:45     Chicago Soul Revue with Major Lance and Barbara Acklin
         starring Gene Chandler
9:00     Jimmy Rogers' 70th Birthday Celebration with friends:
         Bob Margolin, Jerry Portnoy, Snooky Pryor, and special
         guest Pinetop Perkins
10:00    Program Ends

Saturday, June 4, 1994

Front Porch Stage

11:00 am Othar Turner's Mississippi Fife & Drum Band
11:30    Chicago Beau & Pete Crawford remembering John Lee "Sonny Boy
12:30 pm Remembering "Cow Cow" with Barrelhouse Chuck and Ken Saydak
1:15     John Primer and Mad Dog Lester
2:45     Booker T. Laury
3:45     Louisiana Red and Carey Bell
5:00     Program Ends

Crossroads Stage

Noon     Manuel Arrington's Blues Band featuring Pat Scott
1:15     Aron Burton's Blues Band with special guest Pat Soul
2:30     Little Smokey Somthers with Lee Shot Williams
3:45     Falson's Reunion
4:45     Program Ends

Petrillo Music Shell

5:00 pm  Billy Boy Arnold with Bob Margolin featuring special guest
         Lacy Gibson
6:00     Vernon Garrett
7:00     "Bessie Smith Centennial Celebration" featuring
         Katie Webster the "Bayou Swamp Queen" with the Vasti Jackson
7:55     Floyd Dixon "Mr. Magnificant"
8:50     Linda Hopkins, "Salutes the Empress"
10:00    Program Ends

Sunday, June 5, 1994

Front Porch Stage

11:00 am Othar Turner's Mississippi Fife & Drum Band
11:30    Reverend Pinson and Elder Wilson
12:30 pm Honeyboy Edwards
1:00     Sunnyland Slim
2:00     Erwin Helfer and Jimmy Walker
3:00     Bermingham Sunlights
4:00     Program Ends

Crossroads Stage

Noon     Dave Weld and his Imperial Flames
1:00     Barbara LeShoure Blues Band
2:00     L.V. Banks and his son Tre
3:30     Holmes Bros.
5:00     Program Ends

Petrillo Music Shell

5:00 pm  Byther Smith Blues Band Sellers
5:55     Shirley Brown
7:15     Black Top Blues a-rama:  Starring Earl King, Robert Ward,
         Carol Fran, Clarence Hollimon, Kaz Kazanoff and the Kamikaze
         Horn Section, with the Black Top Rhythm Section
8:55     Koko Taylor and her Blues Machine
10:00    Program Ends

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