Re: Hohner - new standards?

    This guy is only partially correct.  Hohner Germany, has gone to an
automated production facility. In this new system they have set-up what they
call their Modular System which allows parts inter-changability(sp) between
diatonics. The harps that DO NOT( at least they aren't suppose to) fall into
the Modular System are 1896 Marine Band, Golden Melody(542) and Special 20.
Hohner claims that they will continue to make them "by hand". You will find
harps stamped "MS" on the box and harps stamped "hand made". Most purists
have really been whining about the MS harps. And with good cause, for the
most part. The one thing I discovered, with the MS Blues Harps, and I
usually don't play Blues Harps, is now, we can get a wood combed harp that
screws together. This is great. I have already beefed one up by sealing the
comb and modifying the coverplates. In my opinion, I have a sweet souding
harp. Has anyone else done this???

Tim Moody

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