Praise and high hurdles

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Thanks to all who praised my answers. Golly, makes a guy feel
kinda bashful - ga-hyuck.

That being said, I'm a little dismayed at Charlie's
characterization of the techniques I describe as a sequence of
"nearly impossible thing[s]." I hope this is more a lyrical
sigh on the eve of battle than a cry of defeat.

I like the simile of picking a lock with one's tongue (sounds
like a double entendre from an old blues song). That is sort of
how a Block 1 feels on a diatonic when you first try it, but,
like so many things, it comes with practice. I'm playing host
right now to an 11-month old who's learning to walk. He takes a
few shaky steps, falls on his diapered butt, laughs, and gets up
again. When he really wants to get around without hindrance, he
still crawls. But he doesn't seem to get frustrated, and
eventually - sooner rather than later - he'll be up and running.


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