RE: Music Ideas

>Does anybody out there know of a good source for Guitar, Bass, and Harp
>Tabulature for any reasonably simple blues.  

There is a book which I think is called the Blues Harp Songbook, but I don't
have the precise reference.  However the chords and basslines for 12-bar blues 
can be pretty simple and vary relatively little and you might be able to do 
without a book. I could provide info on chords and basslines if you
need it.



PS There is also, in the Jamey Aebersold series, "Nothing But Blues" and
"Blues In All Keys" each of which consists of a tape (or CD)and a book
including written music (not Tab though). These are good for jamming with, but
to use all the tracks you would need harps in all keys as well.

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