Harp Repair.

 >   This has taught me two things.  1)Always carry
 > spares of your most used
 > harps (for me "C" and "A").  2)Get one of those repair
 > kit things.  As
 > for #2, what is the consenus?  I know Hohner make a
 > kit and so does Lee
 > Oskar.  I think I remember the Hohner kit being more
 > expensive and less

If you can spring the cash, you're best off carrying around a spare set of
*all* the harps you use. Just because you may not use a particular key too
much, doesn't mean it won't blow up when you need it. I blew out an Eb the
other night...I use it for exactly two songs in a three-set night. I save a
bunch by using Huangs as back-ups. They're a little brightly tuned for me but
they're half the price of the Lee Oskars I usually use. The back-up theory
also goes for tubes for your tube amp, and fuses, and cables (and even a mic
if you can afford it). The same night I blew up the Eb, I also blew up a D
harp, plus the rectifier tube in my Bassman reissue blew up, which kicked out
the fuse. I swapped in the transistor rectifier that comes standard with the
Bassman (nice and small and it won't break like a glass tube, so it's a nice
back-up...but it doesn't sound nearly as good to my ears), popped in a fuse
and I was back in business.
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