Corky Siegel

For whoever asked about Corky Siegel...

I saw Corky in February in Indianapolis at the Slipper Noodle (I was 
sitting next to the stage).  He put on a great show and had anyone in the 
audience who brought their harp with them come up and play with him.  It 
was GREAT.  The slippery Noodle probably holds a max of 100 people and we 
were all just kind of the party - singing along and stomping, etc.

He said it was the first club he's played in 6 or 7 years - he's doing 
almost exclusively chamber music now.  The owner of the slippery noodle 
was one of us from the Siegel-Schwall days and, evidently, called him and 
called him until he promised to come do their anniversary show.

He was absolutely great on the harp - but he was so warm and friendly 
 (swearing to remember us all from the sixties and seventies) he made it 
a lot more than going to see a world class harpist.

PS:  for anyone in the area, Sugar Blue is coming to Lafayette, IN April 
29th.... another show that shouldn't be missed.

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