Re: My first chromatic

On bending to get a major scale: If you are going 2 semis down on the 3 hole
you are okay. That is what you want in that hole. The 2 hole does have to go 
go down 2 so you'll have to keep working on it. For me it was a matter of
pulling my tongue back and down even more to enlarge that oral cavity. Do 
you have a tape of the correct notes to listen to? These are good if for
nothing else that imitating. The problem I have in the major scale here is
the fact that you have to go ALL the way down on the 2 hole but only part
way down on the 3 hole. Subtle changes between these two holes. Also
I had to relax a bit when bending. I was trying to use strength instead of
technique (like I have this-huh?) and that causes problems. You can bend
a 2 hole just fine nice and easy....and some days I can too!


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