Re: Harp Repair.

>  This has taught me two things.  1)Always carry spares of your most used
>harps (for me "C" and "A").  2)Get one of those repair kit things.  As
>for #2, what is the consenus?  I know Hohner make a kit and so does Lee
>Oskar.  I think I remember the Hohner kit being more expensive and less
>useful.  Any more comments?  Are there other kits?

My repair kit consists of the Lee Oskar kit with a few additions:

1. A chromatic tuner (can't see the point in tuning a reed without it!)

2. Some additional files.  I'm not in love with the files in the Lee Oskar
kit.  I picked up a great set of jeweler's files from a jewelry repair

3. A couple extra screwdrives.  Sure, Lee Oskar gives you the tools to get
into THEIR harps, but how many people JUST use Lees?  A small flathead
screwdriver is invaluable if you play Marine Bands.

The most important thing to carry?  More harps!


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