How does he do it?

Since I get this group as a digest, someone may have already given a definitive
answer, but I'm plowing on ahead just the same.

I recently experimented with getting the corners of my mouth involved in my
harp playing.  The main purpose for the experiment  is to try to play an
octave, blocking out the two middle holes.  Being a tongue blocker almost
exclusively, this isn't the easiest thing to do.  I've managed to do it right
from time to time, mainly by remembering to stop swallowing the harp long 
enough to let my tongue do something other than block all holes except for the

If I were to try the technique in question, I'd position the harp so the blow 6
hole was the right-most I was blowing into, with the tip of my tongue in the 5
hole.  (Pretty obvious to here.)  For the trill, I'd have to alternate between
letting the left corner of my mouth block blow 3 while I play blow 4, and then
move the harp slightly to the right while keeping my tongue in its original
position, so that air would now pass through the 3 hole, while my tongue is now
blocking hole 4, as well as hole 5.

This looks good on virtual paper.  I don't have any harps with me to try this
out; I'm sure that it would take a lot of practice to get this technique down
to the point where I could rely on doing it when I wanted to.  It sure seems
do-able, though.

Any other ideas?


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