Re: How Does He Do It?

Tim Moody writes:
 > Your verbal description blew right over me. Could you please list the
 > cd/song/part that this comes from?

Well, that's why tabulature is so useful.  The song is the Jimmy Reed
tune "You Don't Have To Go" from "Pinetop's Boogie" on the Antone
label.  It features Pinetop Perkins singing and playing piano, Duke
Robillard on guitar and Wilson on harp. The trill occurs in the 4th
measure of the harp solo when he goes to the IV chord.

The key ingredients are these:
	1) all notes, all holes are blow
	2) 6 hole gets constant air
	3) 5 hole always blocked
	4) 3,4 hole alternate in trill motion

What has me so puzzled is how to keep the 5 hole blocked while doing a
trill on the two holes to the left of it.  It's not a simple tongue
lift where you alternately block and unblock the 3,4,5 holes,
together, with your tongue with a kind of ta-ta-ta-ta motion. You can
hear a beautiful example of that played by Little Annie Raines on the
Paul Rishell album, "Swear To Tell The Truth", cut #6, "Every Night
About This Time" (2:39, 1st measure of second chorus of her solo).
She is doing it on draw notes, but it's the same tongue-lift

This is all pretty bizarre.  We talk about conservation of spit,
curling your lips, gargling, coughing, soft palette configuration,

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