How Does He Do It?

Here is a  Kim Wilson trill. [Apologies for not writing in tabulature.]

	  1    2    3    4    5   6
	 C/D  E/G  G/B  C/D  E/F G/A
Blow              ^^trill^^  blk continuous

The blow/6 G is continuous. The trill is between blow/3 and blow/4
(G<->C).  The 5 hole is always blocked. It's played on the IV chord of
the progression, C in key of G, making for a trilled C chord, i.e. 
G steady on top, G/C trilling below, giving alternating octave and 5th
intervals.  (A very distinctive sound for a trill.)

Mechanically, the 6 hole must receive continuous air, the 5 hole must
always be blocked.  The 3 and 4 holes alternate.

What's the embouchure and tongue position?  Clearly the tongue must
block the 4; and the right side of the embouchure must remain fixed.
How then does he go (block 3, open 4), (open 3, block 4)?  Does the man
have a forked tongue?  Two tongues?


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