A few questions

I have a few questions concerning harmonica microphones:

1)  There is a certain raw, distorted, saturated harmonica sound that I have heard in
several recordings.  The first example that comes to mind is Kaiser and
Manfield--two blues guitarists who have this particular harp sound on their
recording.  Is this sound a result of the harmonica, the microphone, or an
2)  I have a suspicion that the answer to the above question is that the
distorted sound is result of the microphone.  In reading recent posts, I have
heard the term crystal microphone tossed around a bit.  Is this the type of mic
that will produce the sound I'm after?  Are the Shure Green Bullet and the Honer
Blue Bullet of this type?
3)  Finally, I had the thought that perhaps an old telephone mouthpiece (not
the _really_ old kind that have to be cranked but on old rotary dial tyoe) might
have a crystal microphone in it.  Could this be used to construct a Green
Bullet-type microphone?

I'm sorry this post is so long, but I wanted to be precise.  Thanks very much
for any help you can give me with this question.


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