RE: Back From the Dead - The Harp-L Tape

Joe Terrasi <jterrasi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>To all of my friends at harp-l,
>I am writing this partly as an apology and partly as an explanation, but 
>I am mostly writing to renew my acquaintance with all of you.
>I used to use the address "chicagojoe@xxxxxxxx"  That's right - I'm the 
>guy who was doing the Harp-L Tape.

Hi Joe!  It's good to have you back with us (I got kinda worried about
you for awhile).

>About the tape:  A lot of people were interested in the tape before I 
>said I would do it.  A number of people requested my mailing address to 
>send me submissions.  Unfortunately, only one person actually DID send me 
>a tape (Dr. Steve Levine who, btw, is a helluva player).  I waited and 
>waited and continued to respond to people so they could send me tapes, 
>but nobody else did.

I Hope the interest for a Harp-L tape is still there...I think it was
a great idea (I'd send a tape myself, but I doubt everyone on the list
wants to hear me play "You are My Sunshine", which is about the limit
of my expertise).

>account, but I had a ton of difficulty re-subscribing to the list.

Was that difficulty on YOUR end or on MY end?  If it was here let me
know and I'll see if there is anything I can do to prevent any similar
problems in the future.

>At any rate, hello again, I'm back from the dead.  As for the tape, I'd 
>still be willing to do it if there is still interest.  Please regard this 
>post as the re-opening of that discussion.  I hope you'll all forgive me 
>my lengthy absence.

No need for an apology, were all Family here!

Good to have you back Joe!

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