Back From the Dead - The Harp-L Tape

To all of my friends at harp-l,

I am writing this partly as an apology and partly as an explanation, but 
I am mostly writing to renew my acquaintance with all of you.

I used to use the address "chicagojoe@xxxxxxxx"  That's right - I'm the 
guy who was doing the Harp-L Tape.

About the tape:  A lot of people were interested in the tape before I 
said I would do it.  A number of people requested my mailing address to 
send me submissions.  Unfortunately, only one person actually DID send me 
a tape (Dr. Steve Levine who, btw, is a helluva player).  I waited and 
waited and continued to respond to people so they could send me tapes, 
but nobody else did.

In the meantime, I fled the high cost of America Online.  (I keep the 
account open, but rarely check it).  After that I got a real internet 
account, but I had a ton of difficulty re-subscribing to the list.

At any rate, hello again, I'm back from the dead.  As for the tape, I'd 
still be willing to do it if there is still interest.  Please regard this 
post as the re-opening of that discussion.  I hope you'll all forgive me 
my lengthy absence.


    /-/              * HOHNER *               / =-/
   /  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-|  / |
   =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=/ /  Joe Terrasi
  |  |L| |L| |L| |L| |L| |L| |L| |L| |L| |L|   | /  jterrasi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

|  Well I've had my fun if I don't get well no more   |
|                                                     |
|                               - Little Walter       |

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